What is the reasons for your migraine?

Migraine: Identify Your Triggers, Break Your Dependence on Medication, Take Back Your Life: An Integrative Self-Care Plan for Wellness

What is the best way to stop your migraine?

This method had been used and applied by vast majority of migraine patients around the world - taking pills. The pills i'm talking about is Aspirins, Paracetamol or any similar headache/migraine pills. However, did you ever know or notice that these pills are not designed to cure your migraine but only to reduce or succumb it for certain period of time only? Furthermore, this drugs will have several side effect to your body in the long term. Don't believe me?

Lets take Aspirin for an example.

Let say you are a woman who's expecting a baby or maybe you know someone who currently pregnant, by  regularly taking Aspirins during this time, it may lead you/them to miscarriage! Furthermore, taking Aspirins continuously during pregnancy can effect your baby growth. In addition to that, your baby may develop several high risk health issues such as lung or heart problem as well as bleeding complication to both you and your baby and not to mention rashes. If you're planning to breast feeding your baby, you may want to know that your milk may have contain small leak of  Aspirins inside it. -- View source

Even though it's rare, but Paracetamol also contain side effect to your body. the most common one is that it will inter-fierce with you driving ability. Sure, taking small dose of it is not a problem but for some people (or maybe you) just want to kill their headache faster by taking more than advised dosage. This could  create trouble not only for yourself but also to people around you. Some others side effect of Paracetamol is that it can cause you low blood pressure, liver and kidney damage  and even a rash. -- View Source

Finally, an alternative solution finally was found!

So, today I've decided to share about two new migraine home remedies . This new technologies that can provide you with a simple remedies for your headache or migraine problem. This technologies eliminates the need of you taking those smelly cream or high risky pills and can help eliminates your headache and migraine problems easily. Keep on reading to find out more.

Cefaly vs SleepGuard Review

Cefaly Review

Cefaly Review

The one thing I love the most about Cefaly is it futuristic design. I'm so into science fiction genre and it might be perfect for me to wear it in the next comicon. Cefaly come with multiple wipes for cleansing and battery. It's small, portable and easy to use. By using this, it can help you reduce your migraine in no time. 

From the Cefaly main site, they've stated that there will be no contra-indication but users are advised to not wearing them while driving or when having skin condition in where the electrode to be placed. Cefaly company also mention that the device have a 2 years guarantee, so you better save your buying receipt somewhere you can access easily in case some trouble happen within two years after you purchased the product.

However, you want to take note that this device may not suitable for some people. Or, maybe it can worsening your migraine even more. So, it's better to get your doctor advice before starting buying this product.

  • Easy to use and handled , portable
  • Futuristic design
  • Can be used on children (8 years and above)
  • Multiple cleansing wipes included
  • Battery included
  • No side effect
  • Suitable for pregnant woman
  • Improve your sleep condition
  • Great for intense relaxation

  • Only comes in one color
  • May or may not work for certain people
Based on other customer reviews I've read, most of them are satisfied with this product. Here is some of the real "Cefaly" customer reviews screen shot I've taken as proof for you to see.

Unfortunately, this device still unavailable in Amazon or any other online retail store in U.S market (by the time I wrote this article). However, you still can get it directly from its U.S distributor main site :

SleepGuard Review

SleepGuard Review

This device main focus is to reducing your Bruxim Biofeedcak (Wikipedia) problem. This device designed to reduce your grinding teeth problem. However it can also help to reduce your headache problem. You might not know this but Bruxim is one of the symptoms for your headache.

The design of the device it self are ugly unattractive but who cares, you might wear it during your sleep only. SleepGuard Bruxim Biofeedback is an EMG Biofeedback device. The device are designed to detect your clenching problem during your sleep and then an alarm are set to run as a warning to you about the situation.This device powered by battery and no external electrical connection are required to active it.

It's said that SleepGuard Bruxim Biofeedback are able to permanently eliminates your teeth clenching  and headache problem.

  • Reduce or eliminate headache in 1-2 weeks time
  • Change your clenching habits
  • Notify you if you start to clench
  • Help you to sleep better
  • No external electrical connection
  • The alarm start slow and then increased by time

  • The product more focused on reducing clenching habits
  • Unattractive design
Based on other customer reviews I've read, most of them are satisfied with this product. Here is some of the real "SleepGuard Bruxim Biofeedback" customer reviews screen shot I've taken as proof for you to see.

My Conclusion:

As i mention above, both device are legitimately approved by U.S Food and Drug Administrative FDA which indicates that this two devices are safe to be use. If you really read all that i had written, you should be able to decided which one is better. For Cefaly, they concentrate more on relieving you from your headache while SleepGuard had two different functions; to cure your teeth clenching problem and at the same time help with your headache problem.

Both Cefaly and SleepGuard had it owns merits and demerits. However, if I ever had to choose, I would go with Cefaly rather than SleepGuard. The reason is simple, it's more stylish and futuristic than SleepGuard. LoL

More Information:

* If the problem persist, please refer to your doctor for better prescription. Maybe it's not migraine you're having right now!.

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